Steamed Kabocha Pumpkin with Chinese Olives and Garlic

An illustration of the recipe Steamed Kabocha Pumpkin with Chinese Olives and Garlic
A wonderfully simple and seasonal recipe that embraces the full flavour of the Chinese Olives

Kitty loves a recipe when it checks all the boxes: simple (few ingredients), quick (less than 30 min), delicious, healthy, and seasonal. It’s really hard to beat such combination. The only thing that might be slightly unfamiliar to western cooking is the steaming process. The good news is you don’t really need special equipment for steaming. There is a strong chance you already have everything you need in the kitchen: large pot with lid, pie dish, and a large cookie cutter or just anything to hold up the pie dish from the boiling water. Kitty has a steaming rack for this but a cookie cutter will do. If you don’t even have that, simply take any can of food, remove both the top and bottom and there you have it! Then of course, you could always obtain a steamer too. Steaming is a wonderful way to cook without extra fat while preserving the true flavour of the ingredients.

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