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This is Kitty. An orange pom-pom with googly eyes, posing on top of his herbs collection.

Kitty believes in helping everyone learn how to cook. To make cooking accessible to everyone. Not to be a master chef and creating beautifully choreographed food that only a few in the world could make and has the time to make. This blog is about real people food. Food anyone can make at home, without fancy ingredients or gadgets or complicated steps. It’s meant for people like you who live a busy life, but still want to enjoy home-cooked meals. It’s not just about eating healthy and saving money. Home-cooked meals bring people closer together. It’s not about cook-offs; it’s about sharing. And once you get the hang of it, it could be your creative outlet too.

And why learn cooking from Kitty? Kitty is a realist and minimalist. His recipe doesn’t assume you have all the ingredients cut up and ready to go before you start cooking. Who has time for that on a Wednesday? His step-by-step illustrated recipe shows you exactly how to cook something in the most efficient way with the least amount of ingredients to still make a dish. He also shares what each ingredient is used for so if you need to substitute one ingredient with another, you can figure it out easily.  Nothing is more annoying to Kitty than wasted food so he appreciates whenever he can modify a recipe easily to use up the last bit of something left in his fridge.

Hope you’ll have fun cooking with Kitty.

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