#NoWasteWednesday Challenge No.1

black sesame powder plus peanut butter to put on toast
Too lazy to bake? Mix black sesame powder with peanut butter to put on toast for a yummy snack!

Kitty is determined to clear out his pantry but not by simply throwing everything in the garbage. That’s too easy and of no fun! Kitty is starting a weekly challenge #NoWasteWednesday and tackling an item in his pantry one at a time. Basically finding everyday use for some random ingredients Kitty collected over the years.

First off is black sesame powder hiding in the fridge door. It is great for baking. However, since Kitty is no baker, this sad bag of black sesame powder has been sitting there for quite some time. After testing to make sure it still tasted okay, Kitty thought of a great use for this without having to do any baking. And that is to sprinkle it on peanut butter for a taste snack on toast!

Kitty calls this a success.

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