#NoWasteWednesday Challenge No.2

Illustration of making tea-coffee
No time to make chai tea? Add indian tea (no spice) to coffee to make an extra strong morning treat

Kitty got all the raw ingredients from London to make a proper cup of Indian tea, also known as Chai tea. However, it’s not something Kitty has time to make on a regular basis. So, rather than wasting the tea leaves with no hopes of finishing it before the expiry date, Kitty tried to add a teaspoon of the tea leaves (just black tea leaves with no spices) with coffee into his basic espresso machine. To his surprise, out come a very strong and tasty cup of tea-coffee! With a dash of cream, it was perfect.

Tea-coffee is actually a common drink in Hong Kong, called “Yuen-Yeung”. It’s a beloved and unique drink served all day in local “tea restaurants”. This is a nice home-made variation of this drink.

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